Morton Hall rests on the crest of a steep embankment and looks out west over the Vale of Evesham to Welsh mountain ranges at the horizon. This grand view is framed by the Malvern and Clee Hills to the left and right. The main approach to the house, however, is from the east, through the rolling Worcestershire countryside. A broad expanse of parkland directly in front of the house boasts a range of mature specimen trees and a spectacular fritillary meadow. The house itself was built around 1780, described in the original owner's last testament as a 'modern stylish country house'.

Both garden and house have been extensively renovated to take full advantage of panoramic views, create internal vistas and provide ready access to the gardens from every side of the house. The eight acres of gardens and park encircling the house were designed by landscape architect Charles Chesshire as a succession of distinct ‘garden rooms’. While each of these rooms has its individual character, defined by landscape, planting style and colour scheme, there is a strong sense of continuity which creates the notion of taking a journey with a clear beginning and end.

watercolour map of gardens West Garden Kitchen Garden South Garden Rockery Stroll Garden New Garden Parkland Meadow Orchard Fruit Garden East Terrace Teahouse Monopteros Urn Garden Rose Bank

Map of the gardens

The journey starts in the West Garden which was laid out to reflect the asymmetry of the west façade of the house.

To the West Garden