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Welcome to our Head Gardener’s Journal

In this monthly column, we will share technical aspects of our work and also keep you up to date about ongoing projects. If there is any topic you might want to hear more about, please ask during your next visit!

After the Snow

The past months saw two unusual bouts of winter (the ‘Beast from the East’ had its way with our garden, too), each accompanied by very heavy snowfalls. Our plants and garden features were as bowled over as we were: Not only did trees and shrubs suffer substantial branch-loss; the roof of our largest wrought iron fruit cage collapsed because the metal struts could not bear the weight of the snow!

Collapsed fruit cage roof
Broken roof strut

To prevent recurring recurrence during the next arctic spell, we decided to double the number of roof struts in the largest cage. Carrying out this task required special craftsmanship which we found at J.W and A.J Barrett Ltd. in Bromsgrove. 

Fitting the new roof structure

While we were at it, we also replaced the netting on the sides of the fruit cages which, in contrast to the manufacturer’s specification, had proved not to be resistant to squirrel attacks. The sides are now made from wire netting, which will prevent further raids on our precious strawberries!

Twofold reinforced fruit cage