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Welcome to our Head Gardener’s Journal

In this monthly column, we will share technical aspects of our work and also keep you up to date about ongoing projects. If there is any topic you might want to hear more about, please ask during your next visit!

Changing of the Guard

It is impossible for anyone who has visited Morton Hall Gardens over the last five years to not remember the enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge of our Head Gardener Harry Green. Harry joined us in October 2015 at the very young age of 28, having undergone five years of excellent training in various eminent horticultural institutions and gardens. He threw himself wholeheartedly at the challenge to take on a complex garden which had just grown out of its infancy. Together, we developed different parts of the gardens by changing planting where it did not work or was not interesting enough. Each annual trip to the Malvern Show would mean returning with several carloads of new plants and each autumn and spring plants would accumulate in our ‘holding area’ before finding their new home in the gardens!

Being a very inspiring public speaker, Harry has told the story of Morton Hall Gardens to an ever-increasing audience.

The time has now come for Harry to seek a new challenge for the next stage of his career. He will lead the garden team at Overbury estate and oversee the various gardens of the estate. We wish him all the very best in this new role and have no doubts that he will be as successful there as he has been here.

Harry is passing on the baton at Morton Hall Gardens to Daniel Jones. Like Harry, Daniel chose a horticultural career right from the start. Being even younger than Harry at the time, Daniel has just completed a five-year horticultural training at Kew Gardens and RHS Wisley, resulting in an impressive RHS level 4 diploma. He has also gained a lot of practical experience through placements in several of the country’s most important gardens.

Daniel will be supported by Rhys Bevan, who, having completed his NVQ level 2 training at Pershore college with distinction, has joined us as Assistant to Garden and Grounds.

The new team will have time to settle in over the winter before we, hopefully, can open the gardens again in the spring!

Daniel Jones (left) and Harry Green (right)