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Welcome to our Head Gardener’s Journal

In this monthly column, we will share technical aspects of our work and also keep you up to date about ongoing projects. If there is any topic you might want to hear more about, please ask during your next visit!

Path Replanting in the Parkland Meadow

During the initial stages of the landscaping, we identified a site for a future folly in the Parkland Meadow. The intention was to create a focal point for a view from the main entrance on the east side of the house. While the design of the folly had not been decided upon, its position was marked out by a mowed circle in the meadow and a straight path leading from there to the main drive. Thousands of bulbs in that path were transplanted with the turf to the New Garden. 

After our white sandstone monopteros had been finally erected six years later, we realized to our dismay that the straight path looked out of place in the informal meadow and in relation to the curved drive. Therefore, last autumn we reluctantly decided to re-plant the path

Original Path

We set to work with 9,000 crocuses, 5,000 narcissus and 7,500 fritillaries. The locations for the new bulbs along the path had been mapped out carefully. Narcissus were planted in 20 cm square holes with 7 bulbs per hole. Fritillaries and crocus were planted at a depth of 10 cm, with 15 and 12 bulbs per hole respectively. Prior to closing the turf flaps, we coated the bulbs generously with chilli powder as a squirrel deterrent.

Mapped out bulb planting plan and dug holes

It took five determined people two days to complete this mammoth task. All that remained to do now was to wait for the spring with bated breath. 

It was with immense relief that we witnessed an explosion of spring flowers in March and April!

New planting in the former path